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Our Approach to Social Media Marketing

Building relationships with future patrons means reaching them at every stage of their journey. And with social media having such a significant impact on purchasing decisions, social channels have become an influential marketing contributor.

Social media has accelerated a brand’s ability to target, engage, and build relationships with future patrons. Having a strong presence in this ecosystem is quickly becoming a success factor. Having the right social strategy can catapult your business revenue to the next level.

Forging strong connections between a brand and its target audience on social media requires a calculated mix of strategy and campaign execution. It takes careful management of these success factors: Strategy, Creative Assets, Management, Engagement, & Reporting.

Social Media Growth Strategies

Any successful campaign begins and ends with a tactful strategy. Such couldn’t be more accurate for social media, where you’re not only competing with other businesses, but also with the friends and family members of your audience. Thus, to harness the full potential of social, it’s essential to have a growth strategy. One that utilizes audience research and online trends to bring the brand to the forefront of the social media world.

Creative Campaigns

Social media creative campaigns require a combination of art direction, user experience, and marketing know-how. They must not only increase engagement, but they must also subtly move community members closer to becoming patrons. Every asset should lay the groundwork for a long-lasting relationship, all while improving the user’s experience on the platform and your channel. Ultimately, social creatives need to reach a deeper level, one that generates love and admiration from your community.

Community Planning & Management

Community management is critical to developing positive customer experiences and, ultimately, improving conversions. Failing to have a plan to grow and manage a social media community is why brands fail to build community loyalty. Proper and effective community management starts with understanding your audience’s platform expectations. It’s this community-specific info that guides how a brand represents itself on its channel.

Listening & Engagement

Engaging with your audience and fostering conversations is one of the quickest and easiest ways to build brand loyalty. By monitoring and reacting to various conversations happening around your account, you enrich the user experience. You show your community you see them as people, and not merely just business opportunities. This human interaction goes a long way when you inevitably ask them to consider your solutions.

Analytics & Reporting

With ever-changing algorithms and fast-changing community trends, monitoring day-to-day performance is paramount to social success. Reaching audiences with relevant content that leads to meaningful conversations is extremely hard (if not impossible) without examining the data. Monitoring channel analytics is how brands distill what’s needed from them to be a unique and relevant brand that tailors to their target audience. You can call us data crazy, but it’s what’s required to scale success.

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While we provide a wide range of solutions, we always encourage clients to consider that Purpose Produces Profits. What we mean is that every digital asset should play a role (have a purpose) in a strategy designed with end results (profits) in mind. 

So yes, we’re happy to build your website or to create content and manage social media channels. But the only way these activities are worth the investment is when they produce results. That’s why we highly suggest you consider how digital assets and efforts produce profits. Not sure how they will? Ask us!

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