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Emails that guide your community through the marketing funnel.


Our Approach to Email Marketing

Part art, part science, email marketing is a fundamental component of a successful digital campaign. Harnessing the power of email is the key to creating a systematic flow through your marketing funnel. It’s the catalyst that ignites the motivation to move from one stage of your funnel to the next.

Despite customers checking their emails daily, success in the inbox doesn’t come easy. With inboxes becoming more and more crowded, customer-centric, valuable-based email strategies have never been more important. Therefore, regardless of whether you’re sending a newsletter or launching a drip campaign, every email must add value to your audience’s lives. Furthermore, the technological infrastructure and list maintenance of the campaign plays a pivotal role in the success of its outcome.

Email Marketing Strategy

Due to the competitive nature of the inbox, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy. Rather, email marketing strategies are formed by mulling over the details of the who, what, when, and how of your campaign. It’s this information that guides when to send an email, what content to include, and define the email’s call-to-action.

Email Marketing Software

Email marketing is only as strong as the software used to implement the campaign. If the emailing infrastructure is unreliable, this can create costly obstacles that can completely derail a campaign. Selecting and implementing the proper email marketing software is crucial to launching reliable campaigns that generate results.

Email Newsletters

When nurturing leads that are aren’t quite ready to pull the trigger, staying top-of-mind is essential to being there when they’re ready to move forward. It’s email newsletters that keep these relationships progressing in a positive direction. Beyond lead nurturing, newsletters are an excellent resource to keep past patrons in the loop, updating them on what’s new with the business and potentially sparking an interest in new products or services.

Email Drip Campaign

When developing a systematic flow through a marketing funnel, a drip series speeds up the cycle. These sequenced automation emails are the back-end support to all other digital campaigns. Whether a lead comes from search or social, chances are they’re going to get dropped into a drip campaign. It’s this campaign that walks a future patron through the remaining stages of the marketing funnel.

Email Marketing Reporting

Decoding the data of email results is essential to monitoring the success of and improving upon the marketing strategy. Breaking down metrics – subscribers, open-rates, click-through rates, & conversions – shows what’s working and what needs improvement. This is why reviewing and analyzing email marketing reports is vital to success in the inbox.

Email List Maintenance

It’s important to maintain the integrity of your email marketing list. Unengaged or duplicate subscribers, as well as incorrect emails all negatively impact your email’s deliverability. Plus, improperly segmenting audiences makes targeting subscribers with personal and relevant content impossible.

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