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Ad strategies turning paid traffic into loyal patrons.


Our Approach to Digital Advertising

So much more than raising awareness of a brand’s products or services, digital advertising is the regulator that drives traffic to conversion assets (websites & landing pages). After all, what’s the purpose of developing a solid marketing funnel if there’s no traffic passing through its stages. 

Paid traffic is the key to creating predictable and scalable marketing funnels. It’s how you target your ideal customers or clients and help them discover solutions to their needs and wants. Plus, with modern tracking capabilities, digital retargeting is how you continue to nurture those potential patrons who’ve fallen out of the funnel.

There are a variety of sources to acquire paid traffic. And while all are effective, which is best for you depends on factors such as:

  • Your target audience’s online behavior patterns
  • Your marketing budget
  • The online competitiveness of the industry

Each of our clients is unique, which means that each of them requires a unique strategy to connect with potential patrons that have an interest in their solutions. For this reason, the platforms we leverage for their growth vary. Nonetheless, here’s a breakdown of the two common digital advertising strategies we put to work for them.

Paid Search

According to Google, there are more than 3.5B searches done per day. That’s what makes paid search an effective solution for brands interested in connecting with buyers who are actively searching for their products or services. Leveraging the power of search engine marketing (SEM), to appear precisely where and when potential patrons are looking for them, gives brands the ability to cut through the noise. It also gives searchers a more seamless experience, while providing brands with the desired outcome – increased traffic to conversion assets.

Paid Social

Social platforms collect tens of thousands of data points for each user. This user information makes social media channels a tremendous opportunity to target your ideal customer or client with extreme accuracy. The extensive personalization of these channels allows brands to pay to place the right message in front of the right audience at the right time. And if that wasn’t enough, the extensive tracking presents the opportunity to quickly and effectively optimize every ad dollar spent. Overall, finding the right platform for a brand means fueling an effective online marketing strategy that locates and engages your next paying customer, fast.

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While we provide a wide range of solutions, we always encourage clients to consider that Purpose Produces Profits. What we mean is that every digital asset should play a role (have a purpose) in a strategy designed with end results (profits) in mind. 

So yes, we’re happy to build your website or to create content and manage social media channels. But the only way these activities are worth the investment is when they produce results. That’s why we highly suggest you consider how digital assets and efforts produce profits. Not sure how they will? Ask us!

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